Forgot to cancel automatic renewal options on Paypal. I accidentally renewed by account. Can I cancel please?

I forgot to cancel the renewal options for my Newsblur account on Paypal. Now my account has been automatically renewed. Is there a way to cancel? It’s not because I don’t like Newsblur, would like to buy a premium account in a couple of weeks, but not now. I’m sorry for not remembering to cancel. I didn’t know it was automatic renewal. Here is my info:

23-Mar-2016 07:04:21 GMT-04:00
username: cal78
Transaction ID: 529908282S262562F
Automatic payment details
Automatic payment number:I-1Y0JHFM3FPR9
Amount to be paid each time:$24.00 USD
Billing cycle:Yearly
Payments start: 23-Mar-2015

Thanks so much.

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Thanks Joe. Do me a favor and email this to I couldn’t find your account and rather than ask you for your email here, we can just do that privately. Happy to offer a refund!