Forced scroll back on iOS devices

On iOS devices (mine is an iPhone 5 with the latest version) when you’re in the middle of reading a feed item, if you happen to change your orientation (landscape portrait) you will scroll all the way back to the top of the feed item.

To recreate:

  1. Open a feed item in Story view on an iOS device
  2. Scroll down an indeterminate amount (halfway?)
  3. Change the orientation of the device
  4. Sit in frustration as your feed item is now scrolled all the way back to the top
  5. Try to turn it back to the original orientation
  6. Become even more frustrated that you’ve lost your reading place

Is this a bug or a new feature that could be implemented?


I’ve tried to fix this multiple times and it eats up 3 days of my time to no effect. It’s a bug that I know about and I try very hard to fix it, but the only way I’ve been able to reliably re-arrange the scroll view is to refresh the page, which means you lose your scroll position.

Now, there is a possibility of getting the percentage of scroll pre-rotation and then scrolling you to that same percentage post-rotation. That may work, in fact. I’ll try adding it to the upcoming iOS 8 release next month.

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Percentage of scroll should solve it. I appreciate all your hard work Samuel and I’m looking forward to your snazzy iOS 8 release!