For those sites don't offer a feed...

Can I add a web site URL to the reader, that’s not an RSS / atom feed? Since some blogs these days don’t really offer a feed anymore (sigh…).



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If you understand regular expression a site like may come in handy. This site will take a site from a page and will allow you to create an rss feed from it (obviously where one doesn’t exist already).

This is how I get around sites that don’t have RSS or atom.

There are a number of sites that provide the same sort of thing, but I’ve found to be the best.

Yeah, troyb30 has the right idea. I don’t think we’ll be supporting this kind of feature anytime soon. It’s up to the publisher to decide if they want to provide a feed or not.

I tried too, before making this suggestion. Spending time in regex’ing a site seems a bit too much for me. I just want to add the site as a bookmark and read it through the browser canvas within the reader.

Since RSS usage is on the decline, an all-in-one reader accepting different forms of feeds might be worth considering…

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hmm i understand your frustration with sites that don’t have some sort of feed, but I tend to find most sites still have RSS.

But what is the alternative? That Samuel adds similar functionality to that of and he writes all the regex expressions for all the pages of the web?
As screen scraping (which is what feed43 does) is not an exact science and would require a fair amount of work per site.

Just add the site as a bookmark and preferably viewable via the ‘Original’ canvas tab.

I also see more blog sites want you to follow them using twitter. Would be great if this product can turn those emerging styles into a news reader experience.

For twitter updates you can use…

so for samuels its…

Facebook has similar functionality as well