Fonts on the left box became larger, can't find option to make them smaller again

Today when I logged in, the fonts on the left side (where my feeds are shown) suddenly became larger. This is a big problem because it even forced several feeds to become multi-line and now suddenly they don’t fit in one screen, I cannot check with one glance whether I have any unread items anywhere. I am using NewsBlur on a laptop on a daily base, so the big font is a problem. I cannot find an option to bring back the smaller fonts, did I miss something?


You can use Ctrl + and Ctrl - to change the font size, or Ctrl 0 to reset it to default.

You can also click and drag the line between the two columns to resize the left bar.

I’m guessing it’s probably one of those two.

Thanks DavidSev, but I only want to change the fonts on the left box (the list of my feeds), not the whole screen, otherwise when I click on a feed the font becomes too small and hard to read.

Yeah, this has annoyed me today, too. It’s a minor issue, but it’s distracting.

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Adjustable font size is a new feature today with default increased - I assume there will be a way to adjust soon or that’s just hiding somewhere sneaky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

DavidSev, thanks a lot! I hadn’t seen that!

Just a small issue left, the feeds whose title broke down to two lines don’t snap back into just one when I make the font smaller, but this is already much better!

Ah, thank you! I completely missed that.… Offical announcement of this.

Yep, this just launched. I also realized that the font size I was using for feed titles and story titles was too small, so I bumped the size and set everybody to medium. If you want the old size, just set it to small. There’s also an even smaller size (XS), as well as L and XL.

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When you’re looking at a feed there’s the style button at the bottom right.

It has options for the feeds font size. No idea how long that’s been there.