Folders and duplicate feeds

When I create a new folder and then move a feed from the root folder to the new folder I end up with a duplicate feed. Why is NewsBlur not deleting the feed from Root once moved into the other folder? I am having to go through and delete the root copy of every feed after I move it into the correct folder.

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It isn’t ‘deleted’ from the root because a feed can be in multiple folders.

That’s why the menu option says “Change folders” and why the confirmation button says for example “Save 2 folders”.

So if you want to move a feed from one folder to another you have to select the folder you’re moving it to and deselect the folder you are moving it from before saving.


Thank you. That now makes perfect sense now. Do you happen to know if when you download your opml file does it also backup the folder structure?

yes, i see my folder names in a previous backup.