Folder/tag/feed organization for saved stories

Please add folder/tag/feed organization to saved stories. I am often fiding myself remembering about a story I saved, but it’s difficult to find between all the saved stories. It would be easier if I could view the saved stories by folders/tags/feeds and then scan by folder/tag/feed.

This was/is missing from Google Reader as well; I often asked myself why I can’t view the saved stories by tag. I would find it a very, very useful feature.


I’m going to be building search for saved stories first, then tags. But search will be happening soon enough. It’s in the top 3 by priority.

I was thinking there should be a way to see saved stories per feed. Perhaps a toggle switch/button between unread storeis & saved stories? I usually know which feed a saved story is located in.


Hrmmm, any thoughts on this? I know Google Reader has this. Yeah, I know NB is NOT them, but I really liked that function.

FeedDemon has an option “Show Unread or Starred”, and starred articles are shown inside their feeds and folders, with a red star marking them.

Having Saved Stories shown all together, separated from their feeds and folders and with no sorting and searching feature… well, why’d you do that at all?

Please, below All and Unread stories, add another button for saved stories, and you’re set!


Much agreed with Hikari. If I could sort them by folder, I wouldn’t need tags. Adding tags is laborious, and that metadata already exists, it’s just not exposed to us yet.

I just noticed this was implemented last week. Thank you SO MUCH! YOU’VE MADE MY DAY!!