Folder sorted first, then actual feeds

Folders folders folders. This is the way we structure things - Well, at least most of us. It helps us find things quicker. But one thing that really bugs me our is the fact folders are always listed after actual feeds- Is this something we could get an option to change mayhap?


Please please please add this option. It’s really frustrating to scroll down all the feeds not in folders first to the folders.

I’m surprised this is not available by now. 

Folders are meant to organize several related feeds at once, so you can quickly skim through several related articles since many feeds would repost the same story.

So, I read with folders first and then any other feeds that can’t be categorized. 

It should be like this: Open NewsBlur, open the first folder on the sidebar and enjoy pressing “Shift + A” to clear the folder to jump to the next folder. Instead, it is: open site, scroll down the long list of feeds (130+) on the sidebar to find my first folder. On a laptop with small horizontal screen, this is even more annoying. 

I will agree, that it doesn’t make much sense. The feeds, that I don’t have in a folder, are the feeds that I want at the top of my feeds list. And since we can only sort feeds and folders alphabetically, I would prefer it stays this way, until we are able to custom sort our feeds and folder.
Samuel promised this would be implemented, but it’s been quite a while since he said it. I hope it is still in the works.

Right now it’s feeds first then folders. I suppose an option would be nice, although I’m not sure if it’s trivial to add. Any others who want this?

I really wanted this a while back but now I got used to and actually like the current setup.