Folder and everything views hang forever

As of today, the “everything” view ( as well specific folder views just hang forever with the pulsing blue loading bar. Going to a specific feed does work as expected.

I tested both Firefox 46 and Chrome 47, both show the problem.

I use the “feed” view with “full” display.

I believe it was working last night.

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What browser extensions do you have installed?

My guess is that browser extensions are not the culprit, because I see the same problem if I create a fresh Firefox profile with no add-ons. But for completeness, I currently have:

  • CipherFox
  • Copy ShortURL
  • Ctrl-Tab
  • meta-q-override
  • Mozilla Tree Status
  • No Flash
  • PDF Viewer
  • Restartless Restart
  • Tab Stats
  • Tree Style Tab
    Here is the console output from loading /folder/everything in Firefox:

Woah, there’s something fishy going on with that console output at the very top. I just pushed out an update, so try force/shift reloading NewsBlur and seeing if you still get the same console output.

Also, what’s your username? I can take a look at your account and see if I can reproduce the same conditions.

After a shift-reload, still the same broken behavior. The console message “The west onresize_end callback is not a valid function.” is still there, if that’s the one you mean.

My username is “jryans”.

Awesome, thanks so much for reporting this! Found it and fixed it. Turns out it was caused by faulty tag stripping and an errant story in Planet Mozilla that was incorrectly escaping tags.

Hooray, I can confirm it works again. :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick fix!