Whenever I click open on a feed, the focus goes to the page being opened. Is it possible to open the link in a new window but open it in the background?


I forgot to mention that I am a premium user…

It appears this issue is being ignored for some reason…

I am also experiencing this problem in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. All are set to open links in a new tab and do not focus on the new tab when clicking on links on other sites.

I prefer to open stories that interest me in new tabs and then read those stories after processing all unread feeds.

Please respond to our issue.


I agree. Please open new tab in the background and don’t switch to it immediately.

I found a workaround that works, but requires more clicks than should be necessary.

On my MacBook Pro, if I right-click on the title of the story, the popup menu reproduced below appears. Clicking on OPEN will open the article in a new tab while retaining focus.

I’d still like to be able to achieve this result by simply clicking on the title…

This would be a wonderful time-saving help because having to go back to the newsblur main page gets frustrating. Not so much when you have one or two tabs open, but when you have ten or more it becomes a big problem.

Ohh, i added ‘v’ to open links in the background. You can use shift+o to open in foreground. Safari, Chrome, and IE only. Doesn’t work in FF.

Samuel, is that a keyboard shortcut letter v ?

And if so, will it be possible to have this work for Firefox? If not are their any other options to get the links to open in the background in Firefox?

Yes, just press the ‘v’ key