Focus mode doesn't work on Windows XP -- but I have a workaround suggestion

Recently I spent a really long time training my 1,000+ RSS feeds that I subscribe to. When I was finished I sat down with my trusty old laptop which happens to run on Windows XP and realized that the Focus mode button was grayed out.

I tried a few things before realizing that it must not work on Windows XP.

I have a newer computer I could use, but it has a smaller screen. So I was a little grumpy to figure this out.

But then I made a discovery – which I hope will help others who might be in my position.

When I am in Focus mode on my newer computer and then switch back to the one with Windows XP, it stays in Focus mode.

So if you are using an older computer like I am and you want to be in Focus mode, borrow a newer computer long enough to put it in Focus and then you should be good to go.

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So there’s no reason focus mode should be greyed out. Can you post a screenshot? Also, what browser is this?