Fixing a misbehaving site

Hi all,

Today, I found three of my news sites were not showing feeds. When I click on them it opens a window saying “fix a misbehaving site”. I has been following the instructions of that window, but still not working.

Any idea how to fixed?

Thank you


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By the way, these are the addresses:

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I have the same problem : 5 sites went “dark” this week-end and I tested the rss feed of two of them and it’s working in Safari (flux feed fonctionnalty… way worse than Newsblur) !   (work in Safari)  (work in Safari)

Can you look into this and fix it ? I just paid a new year of Newsblur and feel a bit “robbed” here if it’s not working anymore !!

These feeds are timing out. When I went to validate the feed, I got the same error that NewsBlur is giving: timeout.…

Thanks … but how does this feeds be updated and run in Netvibes, Leaf and Safari and not in Newsblur ?

So you need to find the correct RSS feed. Something broke in, so I recommend going to the website and grabbing the new RSS feed. I’ve done it manually for a few of the sites above.

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I also fixed the “Fetch Feed From Website” button so that you can just hit that and the site will work.

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