[Fixed] Too many messages shown as unread after upgrade to Archive Subscription

I’ve upgraded to the new Archive Subscription today.

Now, for some feeds (maybe the ones backfilled? just guessing), a lot of read stories are shown in the main window as unread. The unread count in the feed tree on the left side is correct, though. So, while the tree on the left might have a badge showing two unread items, the list (filtered for unread) shows >>10.

Example site in my account is 6277334.

By any chance, did you change the mark as read date away from 30 days?

I saw similar, but it sorted out after a while (and a browser refresh). I set the slider up to a year, and on most feeds I’m going to manually mark all older than 30 days as read (once, going forward I’ll keep some articles unread).

No, I didn’t

Actually it didn’t sort itself out completely. I just fired up a browser and refreshed just in case, I have individual subscriptions showing a much smaller number of unread items than I see unread articles in the list.

It seems to be a bunch of old (possibly back-filled) articles.

Ok, found the bug and fixed it. Let me know how that looks.

On the first glance, it looks fine now. I haven’t tested systematically, though. I’d call it fixed and will report back when I stumble across it again.