First item in folder won't load full story


When I click on a folder, the first item in the feed will only load the feed view, not the text or story view.  Text view says ‘select a story to read’ with a greywash globe symbol, and story view shows a blank page if you try using them.  Any items lower in the feed will load fine, and I can click on the first item to see it on it’s original page. This is occurring across all my folders, and many different sites.  Suggestions? 


Can you do me a favor and either post a full browser screenshot of this happening or email it to I need to recreate your view setup in order to diagnose the issue. Thanks!


I started seeing this issue on my iPad Pro since the last update, exactly as the original poster described it in 2016. The first story in a feed can’t be displayed until I’ve clicked a story lower down, and then back to the first. If there’s only one story in the feed, I’m out of luck (unless I double-tap to open it in a window, which I prefer not to do).

Anything I can share to help track this down? Is there some setting that might have affected this that I should un-set?