First item doesn't stay marked as unread after scrolling to the next item

In the iOS app, if you open the first item in a list, mark it as unread, then scroll to the next item, the first item is marked as read. This only happens on the first item in any list. A workaround is going back to the list view and directly selecting the next item after marking the first item as unread.

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Thank you for this very detailed support ticket. I have fixed the issue and v3.0.1, which I should be releasing soon enough, will have the fix.

If you can’t wait for the fix to go over the App Store, you can download it at

Don’t bother downloading that build. It’s busted for iOS 7. Even if it somehow got through the installation loop, it would look ridiculous. In fact, that’s the work I have cut out for myself to fix. I’ll try to get the iOS 6 SDK loaded back on there soon, but hold off on downloading that until tomorrow.