Firefox Won't Load with Newsblur Tab Opened

I keep five tabs pinned in Firefox all the time and Newsblur is one of them. Firefox has always been a bit slow to load, but Microsoft pushed through an update on 1/30 and since then, with the Newsblur tab opened, Firefox won’t load at all. It hangs until I’m forced to shut it down using Task Manager. I’ve waited up to 20 minutes with the Newsblur tab frozen which means all of the tabs are froze.

I restarted Firefox in safe mode and as soon as I opened the Newsblur site, it again froze the browser. I did a refresh of Firefox to no avail. I deleted all the Newsblur cookies, cleared the cache, everything I can think of including installing NoScript thinking there’s a script in the reader that is causing the problem, but it makes no difference.

I also uninstalled the update and rolled the laptop back to before it installed, then turned off auto updates, and tried again.


It’s hanging across computers so it’s not my laptop and I don’t have this same problem with it hanging in Chrome.

I have Windows 10 on the laptop and Windows 7 at work and Firefox is reacting the same way to Newsblur on both with the exception that it will finally load on the Windows 7 computer though it takes forever.

Not sure what’s going on, but I pay for Newsblur and don’t want to have to quit using it. However, no other reader does this either so unless there’s a fix, I’ll have to give it up.

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