Firefox: Everything marked read when opening article


Using the current Firefox in Windows, when I open an article to read, EVERYTHING in the current list is marked as read. I have Newsblur set to mark as read when scrolling past, but I am not scrolling past these articles yet.

This does not happen in Chrome or Edge.


Hi, can you post a full browser screenshot the next time this happens?


All that would show is a bunch of articles marked as read.

Also, not that I expect anyone to keep track, I mentioned in another thread that due to a major fail of Firefox nuking about 90% of my bookmarks I have in turn nuked Firefox from my systems and reverted back to Chrome.


I’m wondering if you’re reading by folder or feed and how many outstanding unread you have. Also if there’s anything funky or user-specific that could change what to expect, such as a huge number of sites or unreads. I could also see your username so I could login on Firefox to reproduce the issue.


Doesn’t happen with Chrome, and turns out it was intermittent with Firefox.

It didn’t matter if I’m reading by folder OR by feed, it happened in both. also didn’t matter if there were 6 items or 100+.

At this point, I’m more than willing to chalk it up to Firefox being buggy and somehow making Newsblur think the article list had scrolled up instead of down. There were numerous other little things about Firefox that were annoying me during my attempt to switch over to it.