"Find Twitter Friends" seems wrong if I want to follow non-friends

I recently had to reconnect Twitter (no idea why, but I’m prepared to assume Twitter just broke the connection). In hunting for the place to reconnect Twitter, the only relevant option I could find (in :gear: > Friends & Followers > Social Connections > Twitter) was “Find Twitter Friends.” My initial interpretation was that this was like various social media sites which will nose around in my email or other social media sites to recommend people to add, which definitely wasn’t what I was looking for. I just want to follow some accounts that I wouldn’t call “friends”; they’re not even accounts I follow on Twitter (because I’d rather read them here!).

Anyway, it seems like that is the right button, but the current label seemed incorrect so I fruitlessly searched around a bit more for something like “Connect/reconnect Twitter” before giving it a try. A different label might help.

Whoa, thanks for bringing this up! I was wondering why all my Twitter feeds weren’t showing up for the past few days, and when I reconnected my Twitter account, everything is slowly coming back. I was pretty close to writing a problem thread about it, too. I had totally forgotten I had to even do that!