Find a payment provider that's not Paypal?


I would sign up for premium right now, if you had payment options other then PayPal.


Yup! Either would be fine.


It’s a great idea and I plan to someday support alternate payment methods (specifically using Stripe.js), but there’s a lot of work to support them, which I just don’t have time to do. I always wish I was working on this full-time, since I could then get to everybody’s requests and more, but my time is so severely limited to 2 hours a day (hour-long train commute each way) that it’ll take a while to get to this, especially since most users are able to use Paypal. Some even prefer it.


+1 Samuel.
I think it’s in fashion to “avoid” PayPal these days. I have been using paypal from last 2-3yrs and love their amazing customer support.
We should starting looking for another payment system if you have some real problems with it. But PayPal just works.


I was going to recommend Stripe.js, but see you’ve got it well in hand. :slight_smile: It was just a topic on HN yesterday (2 stories, in fact, of people switching their payment system from Paypal to Stripe, mainly because it kept the user on the page rather than to Paypal and back again).


it’s really easy to implement Amazon payments, I can send you some sample code. My experience is that when given the decision, 20% (or less) will use Amazon, 80% use Paypal.


Lets not hack this thread and start a debate on PayPal. When you have 100 million+ active users, you will have outliers.Let stripe achieve 100million users and then we will see how is their customer support.

You have no idea how hard PayPal works to keep their customer happy. And they are still improving.

End of story.


After some recent experiences, I’ll be ceasing to use Paypal.

I won’t be renewing next year, unless there are non-Paypal options available. I’m not going to live with the BS I’ve put up with from them.


Here is another outlier that would like to become a premium member without having a paypal account. Heck, all I need is an address where I can send a 100$ bill to :-).

Recently, PayPal froze the assets of a major German drug store chain that had dared to sell Cuban cigars. But I agree, this is not the place to discuss this :slight_smile:


They’ve had more than a decade to improve. I canceled my account when they froze the Regretsy account. So if Mr. Clay wants me to renew my membership he’s going to have to use something other than PayPal.


Understood. I’m planning one getting Stripe.js integrated some day soon. I just want to finish the social branch this month. After that, I might be amenable to getting alternate methods of payment. It’s a lot more work than it looks like.


Just to add on this discussion, please make sure that whichever payment solution you decide to support in future, it should support all the countries. Paypal is not available in my country. So I am out.
On other sites, I can make payments using my credit card though I am not sure which payment processor they use.

If you can have a truly international payment processor in future, I would be the first one to go premium.


Paypal are awful. The sooner you get an alternative payment method the better.


Just to update the status of this discussion, I’ve installed the SSL certificate, but it seems to be making everything slower. I just need to build the Stripe.js credit card form and then write all of the supporting backend code. I’m hoping it’ll be soon that I can get real payments out the door. I’m thinking that I might want to get CC payments finished before I launch social, although I can ship a version of social to beta testers within the next week (I hope!) without it.


Hi! I am another outlier that would upgrade to a premium account should you support either Google Wallet (which is the new Google Checkout) or Amazon Payments. 11 moths later, were you able to have any progress in supporting those?


Yeah, only Paypal and Stripe are supported. Too many payment services only confuses people, and it’s a load of work that has next to no payoff. If you really want to go premium and can’t find a way to pay, just email me and I’d be happy to upgrade your account: This goes for anybody else. A few free premium accounts doesn’t change anything for me, so I’m happy to give them away.


not Stripe? not Paypal? Perhaps unmarked sequential bills sent to a numbered account in the Caymans?


Amazing customer service?! I’ve had accounts from 4 different friends who were barely using them frozen without warning or explanation and basically been told to just go away by Paypal’s “amazing” customer service. My account has been frozen twice, because I dared to use my account while I was overseas. Their customer service is amazing, in that it’s amazing how they get away with it and stay in business.


Have you enabled payment via Google Checkout or Amazon Payments yet? I am also wanting to upgrade to premium but will not use PayPal.


Would Google Checkout or Amazon Payments work better?