I have accounts with Google Reader and Fastladder but I paid @36 for a Premium Account because you provide filters [aka Intelligence Trainer]. I think you are the only online aggregator to do so.

Filters [and why not call them that] allow me to cut down information overload and reduce the annoyance of seeing topics I have no interest in reading.

I would have liked to be able to create global filters but note your response to the last person to request these.

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Thanks for writing this. Global filters are something I’ve been toying around with, but I think they serve a very limited purpose. I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle of supporting them (although, it wouldn’t be terrible, just doubling the number of calls to fetch all the classifiers for a user, as well as getting the front-end right), on top of the UI headaches in showing you which classifiers apply to a story, separating the globals from the locals.

I may consider supporting it in the future, since I’m not necessarily against it. It’s just a lot of work for just a smidgen of benefit for only a handful of users who would use it. Training on a per-site basis carries the least amount of weight. Those are my thoughts. I’m happy to be convinced otherwise, but know that the biggest hurdles on getting this done are based more on time and UI complexity than anything else.

No, I’m cool with the status quo. I probably expressed myself badly. I just wanted you to know that filters are one of your sites strong selling points.

Yeah, I think the intelligence (what I call the filters/highlighters/classifiers) and the original site view are the two main differentiators. The clean design and speed also help.