Fetching text takes forever!

First there was problem with payement. Ok this is possible after such mess with Google Reader.

But fetching text?! When Newsblur will be working as it should? ETA maybe?


Please see this thread: https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…

Ok but still give me estimated time of arrival of fully working service!

You can follow https://twitter.com/NewsBlur to see progress updates from the dev


Am I writing something unclear? Updates from Twitter (which I’m following from my migration) are not a statement when it all will work.

It will work after 3 days? After week? After 2 weeks?

I don’t think anyone knows when everything will be running like a well-oiled machine again. Sam’s doing the best he can to get everything chugging along like normal.

try using dev.newsblur.com if you’re not already - I don’t have any troubles loading the text view from there. Though to be aware that text view can still show images, which was a little funny to me, so Sam told me the secret CSS to update to make text view only show text:

.NB-text-view .NB-feed-story-content img {
display: none;

Also good to note that some sites never seem to parse into text view at all for one reason or another.

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On dev.newsblur.com it works like a charm!