fetching text for offline reading

There is something that I’ve certainly misunderstood: is it possible to have the full text (i.e. the text and pictures minus the formatting, same thing than when you press the “ TEXT ” button) for offline reading, or eventually not? 
As I’m trying this offline, I can only read the few first lines many RSS feeds are made of. 
Whether I press the “ TEXT ” button I only get a “Fetching text…” while offline. No way to use it while offline actually. 
Thanks for Newsblur though, it’s amazing! 

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This would probably be better as an Idea rather than a Question. As for the feature, it cannot be built, as it’s an enormous cost on the servers. I also only fetch the original text when you explicitly ask for it, on a per-story basis. That’s how other services do it and I aim to stay on the precedence side of the legal grey line.

I am, however, adding a sticky Text view on a per-feed basis to iOS. In fact, I just added it today.

In the Android app if you have set the default view for a feed to text then it will be fetched as part of the sync and will be available offline.

Thank you Samuel and Mark, your answers gave me the very understanding I lacked!
Keep the good work up, Samuel!