Fetching hangs.

When I click on a feed, I get the blue fetching bar. Sometimes it’ll just hang and never finish fetching. Clicking on other feeds results in the same problem. The reading pane remains blank.

I haven’t figured out if there’s any pattern to when this happens. It happens relatively frequently, but it’s sort of random.


It’s related to today’s outage. Make sure you refresh the page and confirm that everything loads well the first time.

There are also hints (against the latest Opera beta build) that this could be down to browser bugs:

‘Keep an eye out for about any NSL (Never Stops Loading) issues compared to 11.5x …’

Certainly, I had the ‘blue bar stuck’ problem with a couple of earlier betas, but it seems to have gone away now.

I have this problem frequently on Firefox 9, but it has been particularly bad over the last two days.

Make sure you refresh the site. I just pushed an update last night that attempts to correct for incorrect status from the server.

I’m experiencing a highly similar problem, but ONLY with half of my feeds in my “geek” folder. I may get zero or 5-6 stories to appear, but no more. I don’t have the same problem with FF12+ at all. It’s only on my work computer with IE8 & only with that folder. Thoughts?

The reason is that IE8 is not supported. You must be on IE9+. In fact, IE makes up 2% of all visitors, so I have way less incentive to fix old IE bugs. You’ll have to either install Chrome Frame or upgrade.

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OK…gotcha. I’ll just have to wait until my employer upgrades.

Update: While using FF13 and pressing the “m” hotkey for the Techcrunch feed, the stories displayed keep going past the oldest unread story…forever actually. It is also super slow, displaying 6 or so new stories every 30 seconds if that.

Using the hotkey for Wired works, but is really slow as well. By comparison, using it for The Register feed is very fast. If I restart Firefox, the speed improves, but drops off after a few minutes.

The best solution is to wait for my Oldest-to-newest story sort feature, something I’m planning on building as soon as I ship social+backbone.