Feeds stuck, read items not being cleared

My feeds seem to be stuck since Dec 28. The best way I can explain it is:

* Feed X shows 2 new unread articles
* I click on Feed X in the left-hand bar
* The top-right list of articles shows entirely in gray, every article starting Dec 28. I need to scroll down to find the first unread (bold) article. On active feeds, e.g. AndroidPolice, this can take several minutes due to the scroll-wait-scroll-wait effect.

“Mark all as read” or “Insta-fetch” have no effect. The next time I select a feed, same thing.

I have all my feeds set to chronological order, if that makes a difference.

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Followup: there seems to be a new setting:

[Gear] > Preferences > Feeds > Default story order

Setting this to ‘Unread only’ fixes my problem.

Well that does it then! Hmm, I’m wondering what could have been the cause.

I was having this same issue, and Ed S’s solution worked for me as well.