Feeds showing only unread stories despite preference setting of "All Stories"

I have my preferences set to show all stories, but there are some feeds that still only show me unread stories (not all of my feeds, but quite a few behave like this).

This is a screenshot of my settings:

This screenshot shows one of the feeds where it is no longer showing any of the items, despite the fact that I just read an story from the feed.

And this last screen shot shows that the previous feed is in fact set to show “All Stories”:


I continue to see just really wierd behavior. I’ve now got a couple of feeds that show they have new stories, but when I select the feed itself, I can’t see any of the new stories (or any stories past a specific date). However, if I select the containing folder, the stories appear.

Hmm, that is odd. Do you see the stories if you select All stories / Newest first?

Yep, if I switch to Newest first, it seems to work normally.

A coming re-design will address this by showing the All/Unread button toggle on the pane controls.

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