Feeds missing after premium membership finished

My Premium account membership just run out, I have not renewed it yet. But I have noticed that all my feeds (and folders) are now missing from view. The story counter seems to be what it should be going off what i remembered yesterday, but nothing is showing up.
Is this a feature of when you go from premium to standard? How do I get the feeds back that I had in my list? I don’t want to upgrade if I have to go to the effort of finding them all again.

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might have to do with the limit of 64 feeds for free accounts?

Not sure what happened, but go to Manage > Choose Your 64 and you should see all of your feeds. You can reset them to the 64 most popular with the link at top of that dialog.

nope, I did think that I might have had too many so it just hid them all, but there is only the ‘Newsblur Blog’ feed in the Manage > Choose Your 64 setting. No other ones :frowning:
I’ve attached a picture so that you can see what i see. if you look at the top left corner you can see that it still seems to have my unread counter (which was about where it was yesterday) and there is not much showing in that setting.

There’s a long standing bug where you have to be in “All” mode (not “Unread” or “Focus”) for the feeds to actually appear in that dialog. Perhaps this is what you’re encountering?


Yay that made them appear. Thanks heaps John.

That bug is now fixed, all feeds should show in the feed chooser regardless of your view settings.


Wow that’s quick bug fix service :slight_smile: