Feeds getting marked as read accidentally

I don’t think I’ve been inadvertently hitting the “mark all as read” button (maybe I have) but just tonight I noticed two feeds that used to have unread items have been marked as read. The items were less than two weeks old.

At the very least, i would like a confirmation dialogue before items are marked as read.

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It’s very easy to mark a story as read. It’s possible you triggered it somehow. Some keyboard shortcuts mark stories as read. Shift+m for instance finds the oldest story.

It wasn’t a single story - it was an entire feed. Some of the stories I’d read, and some I was planning to go back to. Now I’ve lost track of which is which.

I still think there should be a confirmation for “Mark all as read.”

I figured out what I was doing - double clicking on the name of a feed opens that feeds home page and marks all of the posts in the feed as read.

That’s really bad interface design.

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