Feeds from Imported Feedly OPML Not Showing

I exported my feeds as an OPML from Feedly and uploaded them to NewsBlur and while the categories from Feedly appear as Folders, they are empty (none of the actual Feeds show up). I’m thinking maybe I have too many feeds (for a free account), but couldn’t find anything confirming that this behavior would be expected in that case. Please advise.

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There is no limit. I’ve seen subscription counts as high as 5,000. However, you can only use 64 at a time with a free account.

As for the missing feeds, I’m not sure where they went. Do you see all of your feeds when you go to Manage > Choose your subscriptions? Between the All/Unread/Focus modes, are you in Unread or All?

I am having the same issue. I imported the most up to date collection of feeds from a Feedly OPML files, and many of the feeds aren’t showing. Some have resolved to different feeds. What is currently showing in Newsblur doesn’t look like the collection of feeds I just tried to import. It looks like an older collection of feeds I had uploaded to Newsblur.

You might want to delete all of your sites (Manage > Account > Empty) and then re-import. Importing OPML does not overwrite your sites, it merely merges them in.

I am having the same issue since this morning. I have tried your suggestion. I deleted all sites and then I imported a backed up OPML. Still no luck. None of my sites are displaying. I have 124 sites. Any help much appreciated.

I think it may not be clear to folks that after importing feeds from an OPML file one needs to go into ‘[Gear Widget] > Manage > Choose your subscriptions’ and click a button next to each feed one wants in order to turn it on (this definitely was not clear to me until I poked around a bunch after reading Samuel’s response above).

Than would make complete sense. I’m not finding the place you mention where I can choose my subscriptions. When I click on the gear I see things like account, preferences, goodies and such, but manage is a non-clickable heading. Can you point me toward the correct place, please? Thank you for your help.

What’s odd is when I choose import from the gear menu, I start on step two of four, with no evident way to go back a step. Is turning subscriptions on step one?

I’m conflating the word Manage with the gear. The gear IS manage. So, Manage gear > Choose Your 64.

Now I see. Thank you both for your replies. I have a premium account, so I guess that’s why I couldn’t see that option.

What’s strange is that the home page says I have 536 sites, but the import tool lists 733. I did delete everything and re import the opml file, but that didn’t solve the issue. And the feeds in Newsblur are now in nested folders, which is an arrangement I had, but abandoned, a few months ago. I could be completely wrong about this, but I feel like Newsblur has somehow recovered an archived feed list instead of uploading a new one.

Just tried again, and it’s still not working. The feedly OPML file I am trying to import has over 700 feeds, the Newblur OPML file I receive when I delete all my NewsBlur feeds has a shade over 500. I really just want the longer list of feeds to appear in Newsblur so I can delete my Feedly account. What am I doing wrong?

NewsBlur will merge feeds that it thinks are the same. Is it possible that some of those are duplicates?

There are definitely duplicates, but it seems Newsblur is handling those correctly. The feeds that don’t show are either recently added reeds from Newsblur or feeds that were only ever in Feedly.

Here is the chain of events that led to my current dilemma:

I noticed I had some feeds in Newsblur and some in Feedly, and I wanted to create a single list of feeds. I exported an OPML file from Newsblur and uploaded it into Feedly. After I organized the feeds, I exported an OPML file from Feedly and imported it into Newsblur. The resulting collection of feeds in Newsblur was neither the collection I exported from Feedly, nor the most recent Newsblur collection. Rather, it looks to be a collection of feeds from a year ago, with nested folders and a smaller collection of feeds. I’ve tried using both a Chromebook and Chrome in a Win 7 laptop. Maybe I should try a different browser?

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: Tried in IE 10, and the very same thing happened. Tried also to upload the OPML file twice, on the theory that there are too many feeds for a single upload, and now Newsblur just displays the same set of feeds twice. The duplicated feeds were not merged. I just have the older feed set in there twice.

Have now also tried on Firefox, just in case. But to no avail…

I can understand an OPML upload timing out because there are too many feeds, but I can’t understand what’s happening in my case.

Do you have any suggestions for importing my 900 feed opml file back into Newsblur, or is it just a lost cause?

It’s not timing out, as it should spin off a background task in the case of it taking > 10 seconds. Take a look at your feeds. Are they 900 unique domains? Are many of them close to each other? If you give me an example site url of feeds that are probably being duplicated, I can fix them.

In other words, show me the URL of a feed that is not showing up in your feed list.

One such feed url is http://www.thegardenofeating.org/feed…

I attached two images, as well. One of the food category of my feeds in Feedly and one in Newsblur, so you can see the kind of thing that is going on. I don’t think Newsblur is reading the OMPL file correctly. Thanks for helping me resolve this.

Fixed. It was a pretty obscure issue caused, I believe, by a change to my user name. I changed it back and now it’s all fixed.

And I spoke too soon. When I wrote the above, it showed I had over 700 feeds. Now that I have returned to NewsBlur, it shows 500 feeds and a nested folder structure. What is going on?

All the sites are showing again. I’m so confused. It seems to be holding this time, so good. Thanks again.