Feeds duplicated as folders

Almost all my feeds have been duplicated as folders. Deleting the “folder” duplicate deletes the parent folder and all feeds in that group. I have not seen any official response to this and would like to know how or if it is possible to fix it.

Admins, please do NOT delete this as a duplicate post of the “arsTechnica” post as that post has no official reaction and understates this as a single-feed issue - it has ruined the newsblur experience for me and is far broader than arstechinica.

I’m not usually a complainer, and have been a paying user for enough years to own multiplel t-shirts. I just want newsblur fixed and it was frustrating for me to have my post closed and merged with one that was just about arstechnica.

it is highly unlikely that the user having the problem with his/her ars technica folder is experiencing a different bug then you are. shall i change the name on that thread to make it more generic? i don’t think it’s unreasonable to combine reports on the same bug so the devs don’t have to search through multiple threads for details.

If it is the same issue (as has been presumed when closing my previous post) then simply having the top level title be about one feed downplays the fact that it impacts almost all of my subscriptions. I would not care as much, except the ‘arstechnica’ issue was reported days ago, and has received no official response. My overall experience with NewsBlur is seriously impacted by this.

I have duplicates of almost all of my subscriptions. The copy operates as a folder, but if I delete that fake Folder it actually deletes its parent folder and all subscriptions therein.

This is a problem with the web client only, as my Android feed list still appears normal. Except now it has about 20 fewer subscriptions because I deleted one duplicate feed/folder.

So again, probably the arstechnica user and I are experiencing the same thing - but it is not an arstechnica issue, and there has been no official recognition of the issue. Combining reports makes sense, but not if it reduces a broad issue to a single feed, especially if the “single feed” issue is being ignored or overlooked.

These duplicates appeared - the ones with unread counts are feeds, the read ones are “folders”. Delete the fake folder, the actual parent folder (and all children) are deleted.

I’ll get to the bottom of this for sure, as it’s likely related to a bug fix I did last week that made deleted feeds inadvertently reappear.

Done, your account should be OK now. Every other account should automatically be fixed in the next couple days.

Thank you, Sam!!