Feedlist not loading

My personal feedlist has now stopped working in Chrome (as well as IE9). I login as normal, the feedlist counts like normal, but the list of my feeds never appears. Is this just me, or is something broken?

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Not sure what broke, but when I went in to check your account, your folder list is now using the default folder list, which is bad. I have backups, and I’ll go back 2 days and use that backup. It’ll take a couple hours before I can get those backups, but I have no die show this happened. Do you know if when you logged on, and saw the wrong folder list, did you move any of the feeds around (which would cause your folder list to be saved)?

Just as a note, your feeds and unread counts are all there. It’s just the list of folders that’s wrong. You probably won’t notice any difference when I fix it.

All done. Your feeds should all be back.