"feedbar-options" control not working for "All Site Stories"

The control does not function for the “All Site Stories” folder. The Newest/Oldest, Read/Unread dialog does not appear when I click it; there is nothing in the javascript console.

It does work for “normal” folders.

It did not work for a while then did work recently (maybe a week or two ago?) then stopped working again in the last week.


That should be: “The control < div id=“NB-feedbar-options” > […]”

I’ve had this problem intermittently too — couldn’t ever get it to reproduce enough to report, but since someone else is having the problem… :slight_smile:

Reloading the page always fixes the problem for me. What browser/version/OS are you using?

Chrome-29 on Linux. Reloading did seem to help, just now; thanks.

I figured out a reproduction recipe that works on both Safari and Firefox:

  1. Go to https://www.newsblur.com/folder/every…
  2. Click on another folder
  3. Click back on “All Site Stories”
  4. Click on the options control

Nothing should happen (at least, it doesn’t, for me).

This has been fixed. Was a bit more complicated than I thought, but I ended up optimizing the structure of that story titles header and it now won’t have to fully redraw after every feed/folder load (and re-attach its event handlers, which was responsible for closing the popover as soon as it was opened).


It works, and switching folders does seem more responsive now - thanks.