Feed won't scroll through new unread stories

I haven’t changed any of my settings, but today in a Chrome browser (which I always use), my unread stories won’t continuously scroll - it will give me one story, then if I try to scroll to get the next one, it stops. I used to be able to continuously scroll. What happened?


I just pushed out an update that changes how the mark as read button works. Can you do me a favor and give me a full browser screenshot? I need to know which view you’re in.

Hope this helps :) 

Ah-ha, go to Style and choose “All Stories” instead of “Single Story”. Let me know if that works.

It is on “All Stories” and it still only shows a single one at a time.

Figured it out. You’re on Text View. Either switch to the List Layout (bottom right) or switch to the Feed view (bottom leftish).

Switching to Feed view did the trick! Thanks!