Feed with 15 subscribers updated every 14 to 17.5 minutes...

I decided to give feedly’s “cloud” (web) interface a try. It looks sharp, but I immediately missed the “Text” view in newsblur. I figured a gimped solution might be to use readability. Oh wait, can’t do that… no integration of readability (only instapaper.) Then I check one of my less “popular feeds” and notice it is missing an update I saw earlier in the the day on newsblur. So for the heck of it I check the stats and see how often newsblur is updating the feed (see the title.) On feedly the feed has 59 subscribers, and it still hasn’t updated.

Keep up the good work Newsblur.

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It’ll vary. I’ve looked at feedly a bit over the past few months, and have found that for reasonably popular feeds, Newsblur does get updates a bit quicker than feedly. OTOH, feedly does a better job with my feeds that have very irregular activity.

In terms of feed refresh, I could live with either – but I greatly prefer Newsblur’s interface and its added features (text mode, training, feed statistics, insta-fetch…etc.). Feedly also can’t match the level of support that Samuel provides.

I was looking at feedly only because there are some very nice third-party Android apps that incorporate text mode – which we haven’t yet gotten in the Newsblur app. I decided I’m willing to wait rather than switch.

Thanks! Text mode is coming up soon on Android.