Feed View resizes images - bad for comics

I think this is a bug. It seems unintentional based on your CSS code:

.NB-feed-story .NB-feed-story-content img {
height: auto !important;
max-width: 100% !important;
width: auto;

I am using Firefox 23 with Firebug. Using Firebug, I can turn off the max-width attribute, and when I do the image displays at full size. When on the image is at 90-95%. These images are not larger than the window, there is no need to resize them.

This is for the Feed View. If I switch to Story View the image is full-size.

I am experiencing this with multiple different webcomics. For example, xkcd.com

I believe if you simply remove the max-width from your CSS, it will fix the problem.


This is still an issue which I find annoying.

What’s the newsblur.com site url for the site when you click on it?



probably others, do you need them all?

Hmm, they both look good to me. No weird resizing is going on.

I have just double-checked them on Firefox and Chrome.

The latest xkcd comic is not resized, because it is a smaller single-panel comic, however if you look at the comic from Jan 26th -
It is resized for me.

Diesel sweeties is generally a wider format, and the resizing is more obvious.

I am viewing on a 1920x1200 screen. Newsblur appears to expect a maximum window width of about half that. All articles, text and pictures will not expand to fill the full window. Forcing a max-width is frustrating. If I want a smaller window I can resize it.