[Feed View] At the last 4 stories, feed view breaks

When you get to the last few (4-5) stories, before the next set load, or you’re at the bottom of your unread feeds, with the option “Feed view” (Show all stories) enabled the UI + selector (little Dorito on the left side of the story) breaks.

After that point, I no longer know which story i’m on, so pressing [Enter] to load the story becomes a nightmare of understanding.

It would be nice if the animation remained consistent like when at the top of the unread ladder. Right now, i must select “Show one story at a time” in order to not sigh when reading the bottom 4 stories.


I’m intrigued, but I’m trying to figure out exactly what you’re referring to. Do you mean that pulsating blue bar? Do you just want to be able to see it in both the Feed view and the story titles pane? I’m not sure I follow.

For example, when you have 10 new items with the option, “Show all stories” enabled, and with the Feed Item view bar at the top (See image). When I get to the bottom, by pressing J, the last 3 - 4 items, you’ll notice that it’s hard to distinguish which news item you’re on, without looking at the bar.

It says i’m on “Mind Hacks” feed, but the feed shows 2 Reddit items. Pressing [Enter] does bring me to the correct feeds web site, but still, i have to look at the top to ensure i’m at the right one.

Compared to other readers, the last items display the same as they would if they were the first items.

This only happens with the last 4 items. It does not look intuitive, and looks odd.

Additionally, the little red Dorito (on the left hand side) disappears.

Figure 1: http://i.imgur.com/ZsRh3.png

So what would be a good solution? To have the story title in the Feed view be “activated” in some way? (colored border seems to be the preferred method, from what I’ve seen elsewhere.)