Feed Title View Jumps down to older posts repeatedly

The Feed view (in lower right on default UI)) jumps down to older posts repeatedly when Original view is loading or scrolling Japanese content
Example feed for testing where this occurs:

In addition a similar problem occurs when the Title of multiple posts are the same.
For example try this feed for testing:

In the above case the blog’s author posts a weekly post using the same title each time.
Perhaps for this issue the post title should try to jump/highlight based on the Date of the post rather than Title? Just an idea.

PS: Thanks for the great Feed reader.


This is going to change completely with the new Backbone.js rewrite and you will probably have a different set of similar problems. I’m planning to launch it to the social beta first, then in a couple weeks to production. If you’re not already, go to the social private beta: http://dev.newsblur.com.