Feed suggestion based on shared subscriptions with other users?

Hey Sam, not sure if this is something you’ve thought of pursuing before, but what about suggesting feeds based on sharing subscriptions with other people? Almost like Facebook’s friends suggestion based on mutual friends, but for feeds instead.

(BTW: this was totally Bri’s idea, not mine.)

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This or something similar is something I am really missing in NewsBlur. I am just getting started with NB and like it a lot, I have around 10 rss feeds so far and looking for new ones, preferably curated by someone with similar interest combining different sources… but where to find something like this? Something like ‘HackerNews’ or ‘Schneier on Security’ which should be a good starting point to find comparable feeds…

If NB would implement a suggestion algorithm, I am sure this would help a lot getting people jump-started on NB, increase retention, and finally conversion to paying customers because more feeds are needed :wink: