feed suddenly populated

Durham Advertiser used to have one or more stories per day.

I hadn’t noticed they’d stopped, because too much else.

Today, suddenly 49 stories since 16 December have appeared.

app version: 5.0.0b2android version: 6.0.1 (MMB29M.N910FXXS1DPK1)device: samsung SM-N910F (APQ8084)sqlite version: JimBmemory: normalspeed: 0 feeds in conn:0 read:0 parse:0 store:0pending actions: pre:0 post:0premium: unknownprefetch: nokeepread: nothumbs: no

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Oftentimes when that happens the publisher just made a mistake and their RSS feed stopped populating. Then they either reboot their services or kick it and it starts working again.