Feed scrolling options: smooth vs detente

Suggestion: for feeds, give an option to choose between smooth scrolling vs a article by article mode where it anchors each article at the top of the screen (like a detente or ratchet).

In the Android app at least, I’ve noticed that currently it scrolls smoothly, until you get to the bottom of the feed, where it starts to do the detente. So oddly, it seems both behaviours are kinda present, just not used consistently.


Can you post a screen recording of this behavior? I haven’t seen it and would love to get it fixed.

Thanks, I’ve sent it to you via email from <username_on_this_forum>@hotmail.com with the video attached.

As mentioned in the email, the prevailing theory is that when the Mark as Read function executes, it interrupts and stops any scrolling in progress. It just so happens that before, I was scrolling slowly, that happens to co-incide with the top of the post. However, when I whizzed through to demonstrate the effect, the scrolling was fast enough that it managed to scroll some way before the scroll-stopping action happened.

Hope that helps!