Feed Retrieval Problems: 403 Errors

We increasingly see feeds that have a bunch of 403 errors. When you refresh the feed, it gets the latest articles and shows an OK 200 but the whole point of NewsBlur is automatic retrieval. Unfortunately, NewsBlur doesn’t let you know which feeds have a problem. The feed just doesn’t show anything new. You have to go into settings and then you see all the 403 errors. At the very least, NewsBlur should flag these feeds. I can send a screenshot to Sam of an example.

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I just changed the fetcher to no longer have any difference between a force refresh and a background fetch, so if stories are coming in manually, then something is wrong. Can you post the newsblur.com/site/<feed_id> url of a site that’s giving you an issue?

Sure. Here it is:

It’s generating 403 errors again today. I didn’t click Parse this time so that you can take a look.

I had to parse because we need the new articles from this feed. Is this problem fixable?

This issue remains unresolved. On a related topic, NewsBlur should offer private tech support for paying customers. This forum is far from ideal as there’s no privacy plus tech support issues get lost among feature requests.

I am aware of another feed exhibiting the same behavior -

Hopefully this will help you fix the underlying cause and thus fix any feeds experiencing this behavior.

On another note, I would really appreciate some more diagnostic tooling to know when a feed is reporting errors. This feed doesn’t show the exclamation mark.

+1 for letting us know about these 403 errors.