Feed Organizer problem and feature

I like the feed organizer, but I have a problem with it not actually deleting feeds after I click the delete button. Sometimes they are deleted. Other times they dissapear from the organizer view but aren’t deleted and appear again when re-opening the organizer.

One feature that you mentioned many moons ago, that you would include in the organizer, is the ability to do custom sorting. It’s nice that I have some pre-sort methods. But I would very much like to sort my feeds exactly the way I want to.

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Custom sorting is something I can now support, thankfully. I’ll be building that out in the next few months. 

As for deleting feeds, is it possible you’re subscribed to a feed in more than one folder? Can you tell me your username and the name of the feed that you’re trying to delete? I’ll go in an figure out what’s causing the issue.

That’s great to hear!

Yes, my username is Splike and I have the organizer set to “Flat”, sorted by “Recency” in descending order (most recent at the bottom).
You will see some of the top feeds have not been updated in a while.
The ones I have selected for deletion are “BoB Releases, TGS podcast (main site), TGS Podcast (youtube), Kev Jumba (Youtube), Jumba Fund (Youtube), Winterkewl (Youtube), Indie Statik (Youtube)”.
Note that while deleting these I picked a few, clicked delete. Picked a few more, clicked delete. So not all of them at the same time.

And none of them were deleted upon reloading the page?

No, they are still in my reader.

I’m having the same issue.  Open organizer, switch to flat view, sort by Recency, try to delete a couple of sites, it says they’re deleted, I go out, refresh the page, open organizer and they’re still there.  My username is mags1587; I’ve noticed this with a couple sites, most recently with http://shieldrecruitsurvivaltips.tumblr.com/rss

I have a similar issue with the organizer in “Flat” and “Recency”. There are quite a few sites that show up that I’ve not been subscribed to for years, in fact. But as with other commenters, they seem (at least sometimes) come back after deletion. My username is jryans.

Having this problem as well.  If I delete feeds while in “flat” view, they never actually get deleted.

Good catch everybody! This is now fixed and deployed. The issue was that in flat mode, I kind of just faked it and pretended every feed was in the root/top-level folder. So it displayed just fine. But when I test-deleted feeds, I actually only deleted feeds that were *originally* in the top level. 

Essentially, there is a detector in the delete code that checks to see if you are subscribed to a feed in a different folder than the one you are deleting it in (in the case of multiple subscriptions to the same feed, which is common and fully supported).