Feed not updating - "Questionable Content" (a totally safe-for-work web comic)

One of the feeds that I’ve subscribed to has not been updating in NewsBlur, although it does appear to update (albeit sometimes incorrectly) in other RSS readers. The feed is for the web comic “Questionable Content” (which despite the name is perfectly safe for work), it’s got 5,500 NewsBlur subscribers, and the RSS is located here:


In particular, NewsBlur doesn’t have the latest two entries, entitled “New Shoes” (guid 79EE4793-1559-460B-9B0D-59CD1F22DFD6) and “2535” (guid CD7196DB-D8F5-4AC5-B6A5-5FB644BC42AB). In the past, other readers have had some problems with this feed, so there might be something non-standard about it, even though it claims to be generated by “Feeder 2.3.8(1705); Mac OS X Version 10.8.4 (Build 12E55) http://reinventedsoftware.com/feeder/”.


Also addressed here: https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…

Thanks! But for some reason when I use the search function here to search for “questionable”, I get nothing, not even this topic. Does that happen for you, too?

Also, it appears that the issue from the original topic may have been addressed, in that the feed started working again a few weeks ago? But now something else seems to have gone wrong. Or maybe it’s just that the feed only works sporadically. But whatever is the case, still, thank you! :slight_smile: