Feed not being fetched

I follow Red Sox baseball with the “Full Count” feed:

Sometime within the past few weeks, I notice that the feed stopped showing new articles. In Statistics & History, it says that the feed will be fetched every 1 to 1.5 hours – but looking at feed statistics, this isn’t happening.

If I do a manual fetch, the new stories appear. I’ve been doing that each morning…but it kinda defeats the purpose of using a feed reader :slight_smile:

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Ok, I think I fixed this one and thousands of other branched feeds. We’ll see, as it will take a few days to propagate.

A new item just popped into the feed. Thanks as always, Samuel.

The problem seems to be happening again…and now with a few other feeds that I have noticed:


This one strangely shows up as -1 subscribers in the feed stats and settings

I haven’t gone through all of my feeds to see if it is happening to others, but it’s concerning that I may be missing articles in a number of feeds and I’d never know unless I specifically checked them manually.

I’m having the same problem with the three feeds i follow from Reddit. All list either -1 or -7 subscribers and are not updating unless I manually refresh them.

-1 subscribers



I have the same problem with this feed :
I tried to delete then new setup, a lot of times since about 3 days… But it’s always the same thinks as described before in this post.
I never had problem nor with this feed nor with Newsblur I used from France since 6 month.
I have contacted the developper of the feed, and as I can see the in the feed open by a simple browser, the feed seems not to have any problem (a lot of news and links are ok in the feed).
Sam, if you read, congrats for Newsblur.
Best regards.

Ok, I fixed all the -1 subscriber count bugs. I went through and fixed all of the feed counting issues I inadvertently introduced about a month ago. You may have noticed the dashboard’s count of fetched feeds went from 5MM to 8MM a couple weeks ago. This has now been fixed.

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