Feed next update time: -2 hours

I noticed some of my feeds didn’t seem to be updating as I expected (as often as I am used to with Google Reader). So I checked the statistics on one of them, and saw that the next update time was: “-2 hours” (here’s a screenshot http://screencast.com/t/pPzigf1ckPm3 ).

I’m looking at some others to see if it was isolated to just this feed, but I have a lot of feeds to check. =)


Just to update: I am seeing this in several feeds, the last update is over 25-30 minutes, the update frequency is 4-5 minutes, and the next update is over 1 hour.

Selecting the “Insta-Fetch Stories” seems to reset everything to normal. But this means I have to go through every single feed and “Insta-Fetch” them.

That would be a direct result of the huge influx of new users. I’m ratcheting it back up as we speak. It’ll be back at every 4-5 minutes hopefully in the next few hours.

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I guess that’s a good problem to have, eh?

The new db server (my third db server, in fact) is being provisioned and will be fully operational by this evening. The intention is to have this server be the feed fetching reader, while users will see the user-facing server, so no more contention between the two.

Has it been updated? In-that a lot of my feeds (Imported from Google Reader, upgraded to Premium right away) are still ~2 hours. Even “Insta-update” does nothing but what the original poster brought up – brings it back to normal –

~2 hours meaning they are scheduled to updated every 2-3 hours? Or that they are scheduled for their next update in -2 hours?