Feed loading then redirecting to 404 moments after?

After adding a feed for http://feeds.feedburner.com/rudis I can add the feed, but then when I click on the feed in newsblur’s side bar, I see the correct feed flash up for a moment, then the page gets redirected to a URL of


and get a message of

It’s a 404!

Return to NewsBlur

Any ideas?

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Yup, it’s the iframe buster on the Original site. I’m going to try to get out a fix that allows you to go to Site Settings and change the view to the Feed view. You could also open the site and as quickly as possible click on the Feed view to short-circuit the Original view. But it’s the original website trying to overtake NewsBlur.

Thanks, that didn’t occur to me so that’s sorted now :slight_smile:


By the way, I just launched this feature. You can now change the view settings for a site by going to Site Settings, without having to open up the site.

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That’s perfect, thanks, problem solved.

I have the same problem but with a twist.

In my Hacker News stream, I occasionally get stackoverflow posts. When I advance to an unread message, I can’t tell that it’s stackoverflow until it’s too late. It renders the warning that framing not allowed for security reasons.

In Firefox, I return to my dashboard by clicking the left arrow and now the site list on the left hand side is gone. I can restore it by restarting FF.

Is there anything I can do to avoid all stackoverflow posts in any of my feeds including Hacker News? I would especially like to avoid having to change my hacker news to just Feed but will try it if that’s the best option.

Using Feed is probably the best option, but you can also try filtering on stories that have Stack Overflow in the title – although I doubt SO is in the title, just the link. Otherwise, I employ an iFrame Buster Buster to try to circumvent that behavior, but it doesn’t work perfectly, and if you have a fast enough connection, SO will bust out faster than NewsBlur can prevent it from happening.

Thank you for the fast reply. Hacker News is unique since it only shows the headline in the original or feed mode.

Having said that, NewsBlur has opened a lot of new areas for me compared to GR and I’m staying the course. Great site!

I’ve done some digging, as my problem was still occuring, and it looks like the fault is in a specific blog post from that feed, which happens to contain the following text as an example of a refresh tag:

So it looks like newsblur is somehow passing that through to my browser, which is following it?

In the “feed” view in newsblur, the following text is being displayed by Firefox inside the post:


I’ve also changed browsers, and found the problem only occurs in Chrome, not in Firefox, so it’s a bit of an edge case.

I’ve just seen getsatisfaction has filtered out the meta refresh tag, but you can see it here:


I have The Register as one of my feeds. Three quarters of the stories load up in ‘original’ view absolutely fine, but a few of them display the problem described above (page appears to load and then ‘It’s a 404!’ appears. It’s not consistent for a particular story either, sometimes I can come back later and it’s ok.

Is it some code in an advert or something that’s messing with your frame code?

What’s an example story title from The Register that shows this behavior? I’ll gladly take a look.