feed items api - low item count being returned from api.

On the feed api - I’m trying to download all of the stories from one feed - Reading the feed api , I think that I have to use the /reader/feed/:id api call - when I set the id to 6 (hacker news) - I only get about 8 rows back at a time - if I use the page attribute I can scroll forward to see the next 8 rows, but is 8 really the limit ?(I have 500 unread items when I log into the web api)

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If you’re calling /reader/feed/:id, it should only be 6. And yes, you have to page through them. You aren’t rate limited, so don’t feel bad about hitting those things constantly and for 10 pages at a time.

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If you use the list view, you can see how it accumulates 6 stories at a time. The river (folder) is at 12 stories per page.

Cheers Sam - that helps. I tweaked my script to scroll through them; I was just worried that this was going to hammer your servers.