Feed Issues With Surkatty.org

The RSS feed located at “https://surkatty.org/feed.xml” is returning HTTP 200 and is a valid RSS format (at least according to W3C’s Feed validation service). However, Newsblur is not able to find stories populated by the feed. Can you investigate and let me know whether Newsblur’s RSS feed parser is just failing to parse the feed or if the site’s feed is borked somehow? Please and thank you.

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Also I am the site/feed owner in this case, so if it’s something on my side please let me know as well.

Are you using SNI by any chance? I notice it’s https, so I have a feeling you are. SNI isn’t supported by the latest version of Python that ships with the latest Ubuntu LTS release (Python 2.7.9). As soon as it’s out, I’ll upgrade.

Also, without https, it works fine. http://www.newsblur.com/site/6189113/surkatty.org

I am using SNI (via CloudFlare), so that sounds like the root cause. Thanks for checking!

For what it’s worth, it looks like more and more sites I’m subscribed to are now behind CloudFlare which always leverages SNI for HTTPS sites. Can you investigate possible alternatives to address this? The latest version of “Requests” appears to support SNI as well now per: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18578439/using-requests-with-tls-doesnt-give-sni-support/1857948…

SNI is now supported. This feed should work again. Thanks for reporting it!

LGTM! Thank you for all your work Samuel.