feed is not showing. Could it be IE 10?

I’ve been using newsblur for a while now … today the feed on left side is not showing. Just white screen.


Should work fine in IE10, and I haven’t launched anything on the web app in a week. Has anything changed? New extensions? Adblock? Does it work in Chrome?

I have the same problem (Chrome & IE10).

But, since I have marked some tags as favourites I only see them (green stories), and it’s only a problem for PC. Newsblur on Anrdoid (SGS4) and iOS (iPad) works perfectly fine and shows all stories.

Can you post a screenshot?

Here’s how it looks like

IE 10 had “display all websites in compatibility mode” checked. I unchecked it and now everything is back to normal.

it’s still an issue, any ideas on how to resolve it?