Feed from New York Times

New to Newsblur. Have it set up and working with several feeds. I added the NYT as a feed, and it actually retrieved articles… for a day or so, and then stopped. I am a Subscriber to the NYT. How do I get the NYT Feed to retrieve articles? To be honest, as a new Newsblur user and new to the NYT, I am not sure what I should be seeing, but I am guessing it should be multiple posts per day, and there have been no posts since 02/09/24.

I did some searching, here, and found some information. Have logged into my NYT account using my Safari browser on my iPhone. Saw something here about needing to provide my Login information on the Feed URL, but nothing about how to actually do that.

The only NYT feed I have is the Home Page one; I’ve had that listed since about 2016. There are a bunch of potential NYT RSS feeds; they have a list here: RSS Feeds - The New York Times Right-click and copy the link to the selected RSS feed to add it to Newsblur.

You get the first line of the article and an image - if there is one - and then if you click on the article then you get asked for a login and password (assuming you are not already logged in on that browser).

No success trying to add feed(s) using the Links;
Such as: —https://rss.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/HomePage.xml---
Newblur says “There was a problem trying to add this site. Please try a different URL.” for the several Links that I tried.

Would you mind posting the actual URL you are using within Newblur for your NYT feed?

Replying to my own message, above. When trying to add the 2 NYT sites I received error messages in Newsblur. In spite of this, both Feeds showed up later in my Newsblur account.

Have you tried openrss? I’m using https://openrss.org/www.nytimes.com. Also has NY sections as well.