Feed export for saved stories

Hi! I’m a Inoreader user (and at least 3-years Newsblur paid user) that is thinking in using Newsblur as my main RSS aggregator. I think I’ve read NB has this feature as well, but I cannot find it.

What I want is get a feed RSS (or JSON) from my saved stories. You can “export” an URL in Inoreader that allows you use that URL as a RSS source. I connect that standard RSS URL into my DEVONthink RSS reader.

As I’m reading news, I save the ones I’m interested in Saved Stories (Starred in Inoreader). Then DEVONthink uses the published RSS url to “get” those stories. See attached capture from DEVONthink (BTW, DT is not a RSS feeder, it is a document manager).

Is there any way to get that URL from my Saved Stories in NB? Does not matter if it is a public one. Inoreader is.

Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 12.37.45

Yep, this exists. Right click on a Saved story tag and open Tag Settings where you’ll find an RSS feed.

I see, but that is for folders, not for all saved stories. What I want is have a “live” rss for all my saved stories.

Perhaps I’m not explaining well, but I don’t know other way to explain it.

I’m reading rss across the day, saving some for later as some kind of Instapaper service. When I arrive home, or after a couple of days depending in my work, I have in my Devonthing updated with what I’ve saved. But to do that, I need the feed for all saved feeds.

I’ve found a workaround valid when saving from iOS app: I’ve created a tag named “Pending” and I set on saving, then export the “Pending” tag RSS.

However, I haven’t found a way to do the same when using Newsblur in a web navigator. I can press “s” and the item is saved, but I haven’t found an easy way to tag it… Well, I’ve found no way to add a tag when using web version. Surely I’m missing something.

Tagging on the web is with the “Save this story” dialog embedded in the bottom right of every so

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