Feature request: To improve android unwanted feeds

Actually on android unwanted articles just doesn’t count as unread articles, but they still showing up, but this is not what happens on the newsblur website.On the website these unwanted articles are hidden and there a specific button that needs to be clicked to show them.

I want also think that a lot of users would like to have this same feature on the android app, so on android the unwanted articles should be hidden too, and then the user should have a button to click or folder to open to be able to see these unwanted feeds,then the user would know that most likely all the feeds that are showing are unwanted articles so he could quickly read the article title to mark as read or read the article, and he could also mark all these articles as read if he wanted to.This is the same as the website feature.

Trained feeds on android should have 2 options that are not existent right now, these options could be to automatically mark the unwanted articles as read and then move these articles to an “unwanted articles” folder, or a button to unhide the unwanted articles.Like is on the newsblur website.